Sozak Allan

Antivan Wayfaring Swordsman


A tall, fair haired Antivan of refined, but not overly intimidating build, Sozak tends to downplay his physical strength and work his real favorite muscle: his tongue. Though the road has roughened his edges a bit, the businessman keeps himself trimmed and presentable and always seizes a chance to engage in conversation before confrontation. He keeps a small, versatile arsenal nearby at all times and favors a hefty two-handed blade as a primary tool of negotiation with unsavory types. A flashy smile and a full wineskin are his weapons for almost every other encounter, be they business or pleasure.


Sozak Ahlaan was a financier of almost no remarkable position who fled his home country amidst charges of treason against the Antivan Crown. Giving up his comfortable life of luxury and fiance he was smuggled aboard a pirate ship bound for Kirkwall under the guidance of dashing rogue, Captain Roy. After the innevitable shipwreck Sozaak found himself somehow washed ashore on the edge of lake Calenhad. Counting his inexplicable blessings, he’s decided to hide out in Fereldon, making a new life for himself wandering the roads and trying to find a new place to call home.

It is unfortunate, however, that the way of the sword may be physically exhausting but hardly presents the same challenge and raw appeal to him as a battle of wits where not life, but livelihood is on the line. Together with his new traveling companion and fellow outcast Skadi, they’ve been taking under the table deals and trading unnusually acquired merchandise. How long can a wanted businessman really do business without without implicating himself of his accused crimes or leading the Crows of Antiva directly to his new home?

DLC: Signet Ring

Sozak Allan

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