The Land-locked Pirate Prince.


Unlike other pirates, Roy is concerned with promoting the romanticized image of the pirate and dresses according to many of their glamorized descriptions, complete with skull and crossbones. For protection, Roy carries a machete and distinctive long sword named, “Nanashi,” of unknown origin. Roy is also often seen with his companion – a brightly feathered parrot with equally eye-catching, pirate-themed costume. Though the parrot may seem unusually smart, it is in fact, actually possessed by an ancient fade demon which has been sealed in this birdly host for an unknown number of centuries.

Roy da


Roy is one of many sons of perhaps the most famous pirate in all of Thedas. Amongst his brethren, Roy has the highest record of ships wrecked. Although one could argue that luck is just another one of his skills as he has always escaped unscathed. His last wreck (which wound up somehow in Lake Calenhad) has land locked him into wandering Ferelden for the past year, performing odd and smuggling jobs to get by. Roy’s competency as well as his eccentricity, soon gained him small fame in the underworld.


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