Finnegan Kern

human half-tranquil, ex circle mage and he's only level one folks.


Human circle Mage. Deemed too dangerous and weak willed after passing the harrowing beyond the point that the Templars had already decided that he should be executed, they petitioned that he should be forced to go through the rite of Tranquility. Part way through, the rite was botched and something went terribly wrong, leaving the rite half inscribed. He was not severed from the fade; however it did render him for the most part, emotionless. Well… aside from the occasional outburst of his second personality… Deeming that he still had the ability to cast magic and was no less capable than before, the circle administered a second harrowing. He seemed to be less likely to be possessed during the second attempt, much to the chagrin of the Templars. Seeing the result, The Circle convinced the Chantry to allow him to become a mage.

Recently, he was sent on a mission to the east to investigate a potential dark spawn presence. Aware that he was being sent as a disposable asset, he took this as an opportunity to sever his ties with the circle. He has yet to report back in and is presumed dead.

Finnegan Kern

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