Curses and Crazy Mages

Magic and Darkspawn and Bandits, Oh My!

Cast: Finnegan Kern, Roy, Skadi, Sozak Allan

Taking a quick job to quietly deliver a small chest to a temple in the far south of Fereldon, Skadi enlists the escort services of the pair of Antivan assholes she’d picked up from Lake Calenhad a few weeks previous. Arriving in the small walled town of Bowdren’s Hollow, she was annoyed to discover they had no temple or church of any kind. Asking few questions caught the ear of the Chantry trained Finnegan who knew enough about the area and it’s ancient history to deduce they may be looking for an ancient Tevinter temple whose ruins lay just outside of town at the edge of the Korcari Wilds. Bargaining for an unregistered ride out of this tiny nowhere town, the placid, almost tranquil mage agrees to escort them into the woods and not into a trap.

Finding the temple ruins, Skadi delivers the box to the middle of the temple but as she turns to leave some magic or mechanism activates, opening the box and revealing four magic runes. And a wraith. Drawing the life force and ire of Sozak, the larger of the two Antivans, they quickly discover the creature’s incorporeal nature makes wielding melee weapons against it almost useless. After giving the box of runes a swift kick to the temple exit, Roy consults his demon possessed parrot who advises him that only magic or magically enhanced weapons could touch such a creature and told him of a charm one might bestow upon a mortal weapon that might be effective. Unfortunately, though the physical runes had been removed, a series of floating, glowing characters remained and began approaching Roy. After a few arcs of lightning from Finnegan and a few lucky strikes using the parrot’s enchantment, the wraith was destroyed, but no sign remained of the floating runes. Before they could make their escape, however, the party members were each struck with immobilizing pain, the likes of which they’d never felt before. Skadi felt as if she’d taken a knife in the back. Roy would swear he had suffered a heart attack. Sozak’s arm felt as if it had been torn off.

Returning to Bowdren’s Hollow, they decided to rest and recover for a night and return to Redcliffe to ‘speak’ with this merchant who’d hired their services in the first place. Their plan to rest, however, was shortlived as a clamor from town erupted in panic when somebody cried “darkspawn!” Gathering their supplies and loading up the wagon, our brave adventurers loaded up the wagon and made for the town gates to… uh… fight the band of vicious darkspawn that were blocking any villagers from escaping! In a bloody struggle that almost slew more than one hero and saw Will sleeping on the couch, the darkspawn were eventually slain and looted and the sole remaining guard welcomed them to remain in town and be rewarded (or at least regarded) as heroes by the local bann.

Paid a few sovereigns the following morning upon the mans return, and given a little more information, they bid Bowdren’s Hollow farewell and headed north for Redcliffe. Along the way, and well outside of their expected borders, their camp was assailed by a raiding party of Dalish elves in the night. Slaying a few of them almost instantly, the wounded were driven off, one being chased by a surprisingly spry, and very angry, Finnegan. In Redcliffe, while Skadi scouted around for information on the man who had tricked her, Sozak went to unload their “acquired” wares at a reasonable mark up for used equipment. With a few extra coins and a lead pointing toward Denerim, the group set out once again.

Along the road they came upon a group of armed highwaymen and a few slightly worse for ware wagons and trade animals. Stopping a good distance out, Sozak hopped off the wagon, slung his massive two handed sword over his shoulder and began a negotiation with the “toll collectors.” Roy, meanwhile, slipped off and into the foliage. As Sozak had just convinced the ruffians to make an exception in their mandatory collection, Roy’s blade tipped the argument to suggest their party was owed a certain amount for travel time lost due to poor road conditions. A few coins richer, the party was on their way once more.

Total Experience Earned: +700



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